As an accredited Apple Regional Training Centre, St. Ninian's offers Island educators the opportunity to learn how Apple technology can make a difference to teaching and learning in the classroom.

We are one of only 79 such centres throughout Britain and Ireland and are part of a group of just 200 educators trained to share best practice in this area. To find out more please visit the Apple Teacher Website.

2020 - 2021 Programme

Session 1
Wednesday 21st October 2020
16:15 -17:45:
Making movies with Clips

In this session we will look at the Apple app Clips and consider how we and our students can make simple movies in class to support teaching and learning, Cost: Free

Session 2
Wednesday 2nd December 2020
Making learning accessible with iPad

In this session we will look at how iPad can help to support students in their learning through the use of the in-built accessibility features. We will consider how these features can support students who have difficulties in a number of areas of learning including reading and writing. Cost: Free

Session 3
Wednesday 10th February 2021
Making books for learning using iPad

In this session we will look at the app Pages. Delegates will be shown how to build a book from scratch and we will consider how teacher made and student made books can support teaching and learning in class. Cost: Free

Session 4
Wednesday 21st April 2021
Making music with GarageBand

In this session we will look at the power of GarageBand. We'll get hands on and learn how to make simple musical tracks and voice over recordings using live loops. Cost:Free

RTC Connect

This academic year Isle of Man Apple Regional training centre at St Ninian's High School will be delivering RTC Connect these will be short online sessions which will be recorded and published for future reference. Delegates will be able to sign up for these short 30 min sessions or wait for the recording to be published and learn at their leisure. Cost: Free

Should you wish to sign up for any of the above courses or wish to seek any more information about this exciting addition to our school, please contact our Digital Co-ordinator, Rachel Smith at