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A message from OFQUAL, the UK exams regulator, on Friday 3rd April...

Letter to students about Summer 2020 grading

A guide for parent from OFQUAL for parents and students relating to 2020 qualifications

Summer 2020 grades guidance for Parents and Students

Key points:

  1. The information above is relevant to students following qualifications from AQA, OCR, Pearson (BTEC), WJEC and ASDAN exam boards. SQA and CIE qualifications lie outside this guidance.
  2. Schools are being asked to use their professional experience and the available evidence to:
    1. Provide the exam board with grades they believe students would have achieved without the current disruption.
    2. Order students by performance for each grade.
  3. No new work should be undertaken.
  4. Work that is completed, or very nearly completed can be used as evidence and so should be handed in if possible.
  5. Grades, and rank orders, are not to be shared with students, they are to remain confidential.
  6. The school must keep all evidence and records it uses to enable the exam boards to confirm that the grades and rank order are a true representation of student performance.


How will school determine grades? We will look at all the information we have: Classwork and Homework assignments; Assessments and mock examinations; Any practical work or coursework. We will always look to celebrate success and maximise outcomes for young people within the boundaries we are given.
My Mock grade was awful - does that mean my grade is going to be awful? No. We have years of experience and know that very often young people do not perform as well in mock examination as they do for the real thing. We will take a wide range of information into account in arriving at a grade.
Can I see my grade? No. OFQUAL and the exam boards have expressly forbidden school to share this information.
I am just completing my coursework - is it now no use? Any completed coursework, or coursework just about to be completed can be used so make sure it is handed in.
Can I repeat some work to improve my grade. No. No new work should be undertaken.
When will I know what grade I have been awarded? Results will be issued at the same time, or earlier than they were planned to be issued.
Will I be able to appeal the grade I am awarded? We don't know yet. Exams boards are currently considering what arrangements might be put in place for appeals
I'm in Y10 and due to sit exams does this apply to me? We are not sure yet. Until we have clarification we are proceeding with the assumption that we are following the same process as for Y11. Once we know for sure we will let you know.