The Y9 options process is a major milestone in a student’s academic life. It is the first time that they can directly influence the subjects that they will study.

There is, necessarily, much information for students and parents to read, listen to, interpret and understand, but taking the time to do this will result in appropriate choices being made, which in turn will encourage success.

The student in year 9 this year (2022-23) will become the GCSE class of 2025. The year group that begins Y10 in September 2023 and completes their GCSEs in the Summer of 2025

Information about the the options process will be posted here as the year progresses.

Course booklet for September 2023

v2_ks4_course_information_Sep_2023.pdf - uploaded 9th February 2023

UCM prospectus 2023


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Ks4 course presentations

Options process presentations and documents Subject presentations Art and Design Business Studies CoPE Child development Computer Science Digital Applications Drama Engineering (Skills4Work) …

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