The final week of school saw the hotly anticipated EPraise prize draws come to a conclusion with the following being selected by EPraise as the winners on the final day of term.

Congratulations to all the winners and well done to all students who have received merits, accolades or achievements for their hard work during this academic year. There will be more prize draws starting in September.

The winners were:

Echo Dots

Abbie S ‎(7B)

Hannah S ‎(7C) (‘500 Club’ Winner)

Saffron W ‎(7E) (‘500 Club’ Winner)

Isabella H ‎(8D)

Sam W ‎(9H)

Natalie C ‎(10A)

Jack E ‎(12C)

Echo Shows

Maisie S-D ‎(7E)

Elise P ‎(8H)

Barry K-S ‎(9F)

Charles M ‎(10E)

Hannah H ‎(12C)