Appeals against internal assessment decisions (centre assessed marks)

Certain components of the qualifications we offer that contribute to the final grade of a qualification are internally assessed (marked) by subject teachers. The marks awarded (the internal assessment decisions) are then submitted to the awarding body for external moderation.

On being informed of their centre assessed marks, if a candidate believes that the correct procedures where not followed in relation to the marking of their work, or that the assessor has not properly applied the mark scheme to their marking, then they may appeal by completing the from below and submitting it to an exams officer.

Please note. After candidates’ work has been internally assessed, it is moderated by the awarding body to ensure consistency in marking between centres. The moderation process may lead to mark changes. This process is outside the control of Saint Ninian’s High School and is not covered by this procedure.


Complaints and Appeals

If a candidate (or parent) has a general concern or complaint about the school's delivery or administration of a qualification we encourage you to try to resolve this informally in the first instance by contacting the most relevant member of staff as outlined below:


Person to contact

Issues relating to Teaching and Learning

Subject leader

Access arrangements



Subject leader

Non Examined Assessment Subject Leader or
Applied Learning Coordinator

Conducting Examinations

Exams Officer

Results and Post results

Exams officer

Any issue relating to Subject Leaders, Applied Learning Coordinator, SENCo or Exams Officer

Deputy Head Teacher in charge of examinations, or other member of SLT

If a complaint fails to be resolved informally the candidate (or parent) is then at liberty to make a formal complaint or appeal by contacting completing a complaints forms and submitting it to the Head Teacher