Malpractice includes maladministration and instances of non-compliance with the regulations, and includes activity such as failure to adhere to the regulations regarding the conduct of controlled assessments, coursework, examinations and non-examination assessments, or failures of compliance with awarding body regulations in the conduct of examinations/assessments and/or the handling of examination question papers, candidate scripts, mark sheets, cumulative assessment records, results and certificate claim forms.

Centre staff malpractice

‘Centre staff malpractice’ means malpractice committed by a member of staff: Administrator, teacher, ESO, invigilator, assistant or volunteer

Candidate malpractice

‘Candidate malpractice’ means malpractice by a candidate in connection with any examination or assessment, including the preparation and authentication of any controlled assessments,

coursework or non-examination assessments, the presentation of any practical work, the compilation of portfolios of assessment evidence and the writing of any examination paper.

Malpractice Procedure

  1. Following an allegation of malpractice, the awarding organisation is notified immediately.
  2. In most cases the school will undertake an investigation and produce a written report that is sent to the awarding organisation.
  3. The awarding organisation makes a decision if malpractice has occurred and determine the level of sanction to be applied
  4. The decision is communicated to the Head Teacher who will pass on the relevant details to the individuals concerned
  5. Awarding organisations have procedures for considering appeals