Booking a facility

Lettings of facilities 1st September 2021—31st August 2022

Any group, club or individual interested in letting the school sports and other facilities from 1st September 2021 - 31st August 2022 should either refer to the school website or contact the school on 648800 for further information. Please note all parties who have existing bookings for 2020-2021 must make new applications. All completed booking requests should be submitted by Friday 9th July 2021, to our lettings department.

We want our students to benefit from your involvement in our school.

We hope your societies/groups will benefit from our student involvement.

We hope the community will benefit from this co-operation.


Please use the forms at the bottom of this page to make a booking.


Use of other partner venues e.g. NSC.

We are not a Sports Centre.

All booking must conform to the Terms & Conditions 2021-22


Costs are as stipulated by Dept. of Education, Sport & Culture, not by St. Ninian’s High School.

Toilets will be available, however, in Education there is a charge for use of changing rooms.

Costs quoted for 2021/22 include VAT, Junior rate is up to 50% cheaper than Senior rate and commercial rate.

The hiring price for astro pitch is the same price as the NSC.

Things to consider:

School Events, there are only a few, but these will take precedent. We will inform you of these when your booking is confirmed.

Sites will not open Bank Holidays.

There will be some restrictions in school holidays.

We will always do our best to help!

Lower School bookings:

Weekday evenings 6pm – 9pm

Saturdays 9am – 5pm

Sunday dependent upon demand.

Upper School bookings:

Weekday evenings dependent upon demand

Weekends dependent upon demand.


We hope our lettings will bring the school and local communities together. In addition more sports people, dancers, actors, artists will develop as a result.


Lettings Prices 2021-22

Lettings - Long Term Application Form 2021-22

Lettings - Short Term Application Form 2021-22

Lettings Terms & Conditions 2021-22