Our school aims to create a sense of belonging by welcoming everyone, providing a wide range of opportunities, ensuring learning is accessible and valuing diversity and difference.

We do this by

  • Understanding and recognising the strengths and needs of all the students in our community
  • Providing curriculum pathways and experiences to help all our students to progress and succeed.
  • Adapting the way we teach to bring the best out of all our students.
  • Safeguarding all our students by building strong relationships, instilling high expectations and developing skills for life.
  • Supporting those who need more help and advocating for the most vulnerable.

Our approach is needs led and graduated so our provision and interventions are responsive to the needs of our learners.

Universal support

For most learners the inclusive teaching strategies used by our teachers in the classroom, the pastoral support from the year team or the universal interventions on offer from the additional support team will remove barriers to learning & participation and enable learners to successfully progress.

Additional support

For learners identified with significantly greater difficulty in accessing their learning and who therefore require long term personalised learning provision (PLP) have their needs identified, provision arranged and progress monitored through our additional support team.

Complex Support

For those identified with complex needs a higher level of specialist support which is "additional to and different from" is highly personalised and very closely monitored.