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  • NEAs

Statement of Entry Queries

What is a statement of entry? Your statement of entry is a comprehensive list of all of the examinations you have been entered for. This will be emailed to you in early March. Your initial statement of entry covers exam boards: AQA, CIE, Edexcel, Pearson, OCR & WJEC. BTEC, SQA,

LIBF entries will be on a separate statement of entry. These will be emailed separately once finalised at the end of March 2023.
I am missing an examination from my statement of entry, what should I do? Please speak with your subject teacher. They will need to request the amendment in writing to the examinations team.
I am entered for a higher tier and I believe I should be entered for foundation tier? Please speak with your subject teacher. They will need to request the amendment in writing to the examinations team.
My statement of entry is showing an examination clash – what should I do? You may find that you have two exams scheduled to start at the same time on the same day. Your clashing exams will run consecutively, with a break in between if needed. If the exams are over the duration regulated by the exam board you may sit one exam at 9.15am then be supervised until 1.15pm, then sit the other exam. If you are affected by a clash, the examinations team will speak to you and confirm the arrangements in an additional letter which needs to be signed and returned to the Exams office.
My personal details on my statement of entry are incorrect? You must inform the exams team immediately if this is the case. Please email

Student Timetable Queries

When should I expect a copy of my timetable? Once any queries relating to statement of entries are rectified and exam access arrangements are finalised you will receive your examination timetable. The exams team are hoping to send out your timetables in early April.
Please can I have a paper copy of my examination timetable? Of course, once you have an emailed version of your timetable please email and the exams team will leave a copy for you at reception for collection.
How do I know if I have Examination Access Arrangements in place? If you have examination access arrangements in place a member of the Progress Zone team will have contacted your parent / carer. If you have any queries regarding this please email

Equipment Queries

What equipment will I need for my examination? You should bring a clear pencil case to each examination containing the following:-
  • 2 x pens (black ink only)
  • 2 x HB pencils
  • 1 x 30cm clear ruler
  • 1 x pencil sharpener
  • 1 x rubber

Some examinations such as Maths, Science and Design Technology will require the use of:-

  • 1 x scientific calculator
  • 1 x compass
  • 1 x protractor
  • 1 x pack of coloured pencils

Some students find highlighters are also useful for examinations.

What is permitted in the examination room? Only material that is listed on question papers is permitted in the examination room and students who are found to have any material with them that is not allowed will be reported to the appropriate examinations board.

In such circumstances, a student would normally be disqualified from the paper of the subject concerned. Items not permitted under examination regulations must be left in your locker. Valuables must be left in your locker.

Food is not permitted in the examination room.You may bring water which must be in a clear, unlabelled see-through bottle.




Examination warning posters are available on our website and will be on display both inside and outside each examination room.

Exam Day Queries

What are the examination start times? St Ninian's High School run their examinations as follows:-
  • AM Session – 9.00am start time
  • PM Session – 1.00pm start time

On occasion we may need to adapt exam times however this will always be communicated in advance.

NEA and language speaking tests have varying start times due to the nature of the assessment.

If I’m late, can I still sit the examination? If you are going to be late please ask your parent / carer to inform the school as soon as possible by emailing or call 01624 648800. If you arrive within 1 hour of the start time you may be allowed to sit your examination.

Please allow plenty of time to travel to your examinations. Please remember TT week can be especially busy and road closures may cause further inconvenience.

If I miss the examination can I take it on another day? No. Timetables are regulated by the examination boards and you must attend on the given date and time.
What is an examination card? Examination cards are printed with your surname, forename, centre name, centre number and your candidate number. They will be on your desk for each examination.
What is our centre number? The centre number for St Ninians High School is 45007.
What is my candidate number? Each candidate is issued with an individual candidate number at the start of Year 10, these will be printed on your examination card however it is good practice to memorise this number where possible.
What if I forget my centre number or candidate number? Your centre number and candidate number will be shown on your examination card.
Do I need to wear my school uniform for my exams? Yes, school uniform must be worn. Coats and hooded jumpers are not permitted in the examination rooms.
What do I do if I am unable to attend my exam due to illness or an accident? It is vital that you ask your parent / carer to inform the school as early as possible.

Please email or call 01624 648800.

In the case of an accident that means you are unable to write it may be possible to provide you with a laptop but we will need as much prior notice as possible. You may need to obtain medical evidence (from your GP or hospital) if you wish the school to make a Special Consideration request.

If you become unwell during your examination please inform your invigilator immediately. The exams team will make a decision on your continuation of the exam based on your wellbeing.

Special consideration

What is a Special Consideration Request? Special consideration is a post-examination adjustment to a candidate’s mark or grade to reflect temporary illness, temporary injury or some other event outside of the candidate’s control at the time of the assessment, which has had, or is reasonably likely to have had, a material effect on a candidate’s ability to take an assessment or demonstrate his or her normal level of attainment in an assessment.

Special consideration can only seek to go some way to assist a candidate affected by a potentially wide range of difficulties, emotional or physical, which may influence performance in examinations. It cannot remove the difficulty faced by the candidate.


What is an NEA? NEA stands for Non Examination Assessment. This is a controlled assessment element which takes part in the school. These are often practical assessments which may not appear on your examination timetable. Your subject teacher will give you prior notice of these – please ensure you keep the information safe!

My information

What happens to my information? Each exam board issues a privacy notice explaining what information the exam boards hold about you and how it will be used. These are all available on our website our website, in the section Exams and NEA