A key part of your education here at St. Ninian's High School is to prepare for the world of work and life beyond the school gates. Our employability programme is active across all year groups as it is vital that we are developing key life skills in our students throughout their time at secondary school.

Whilst at school you will have a range of opportunities to engage with different employers, carry out work experience and develop the soft, transferrable employability skills that are so essential in the modern.

Year 10

Work Experience

In Year 10 we begin our work experience opportunities. Work experience takes place in the half term prior to Easter each year but the process will begin before Christmas. Students in the year group completes one week with an employer. These placements can be sourced via the link to www.employed.im below or you can self place using the Self Placement Form. If you intend to self place and therefore find your own work experience placement you should proceed with that as soon as possible.

Year 10 Work Experience - Feedback 2020

Student Self Placement Form - March 2020

Student Placement Guide 19-20

Work Experience Assembly - Nov 2019



Employer's Feedback form 2020