We realise that the final preparation for external examinations is immensely important, and very personal to each individual. We therefore offer students the opportunity to take study leave before an external examination if they (and their parent/guardian) feel this will benefit their preparation.

● Students can use the day before an external examination to study at home; this request must be made in writing by a parent/guardian.

● If an external examinations takes place in the afternoon a student can choose to prepare at home during the morning; this request must be made in writing by a parent/guardian.

● Once an exam is completed, students should attend the remaining lessons of the day.

Study leave will not be granted if it would interfere with either:

  • an examination;
  • a Non-Examined Assessment; or
  • a practice (Mock) assessment designed to prepare students for an upcoming external assessment.

During periods of time when a large number of external examinations are taking place, the disruption caused warrants longer periods of examination leave to be implemented, for example during the “summer series” of examination in Y11. During these times the school will publish a list of any specific revision or study sessions that are being offered, however when students are not sitting an external examination they are NOT REQUIRED to attend school.

Whenever students are attending school, to revise or to sit examinations, they are required to wear full school uniform.