External examinations take place at certain times of the year, although the registration process must take place several months earlier.

Autumn Series October/November L2 Science (Early Entry) exams for Year 11 students following a separate sciences pathway
L2 English Language (Early Entry) for most year 11 students

Some L2 and L3 resits
Spring Series January/February
Summer Series May/June Most L2 courses
L2 Mathematics (Early Entry) for most Y10 students

Most L3 courses

In the run up to an exam series the exams team will issues candidate specific timetables that provide detailed information about each paper

  • Tier
  • Start time
  • Room
  • Allocated seat

Non Examined assessments (NEAs)

Non-examined assessments take place throughout the year. Candidates should be aware of when these will take place. Candidates should also know the specifics of the "control" that relate to the assessment, such as what resources they can use, who they can work with, how long to spend on the task; what feedback they are allowed; if they expected to review and resubmit; deadlines.