Registering students for an examination

"Entering" students for an exam takes place many months before the exam is scheduled to take place. For the Summer series entries are made in February.

The Subject Leader decides as to which tier a student is entered for. This decision is based on prior assessments and progress data and made in consultation with the student. The tier is chosen with the aim of "achieving the best outcome for an individual student". If a student (or their parent) is unhappy with the tier of entry they are encouraged to discuss this with the subject leader. If agreement is not reached a student (or parent) can contact the deputy head teacher i/c of exams.

A statement of entry is emailed to the candidates and parents. The signed statement is returned to school as confirmation of the entry made.

Exam Fees

Exam fees are the costs associated with a course. They are set by the awarding body of the course being taken to cover their assessment services.

The School will pay once for the external assessment fees related to a course that the school has accepted a student onto. The school will determine the most appropriate date and level of entry for external assessments.

Students are required to pay for any subsequent “re-sit fees” plus an administration fee of £10 per written examination. Additional charges may be levied in respect to coursework components or extended registrations.

In the event of the school offering to enter a student for an additional external assessment (e.g. an early entry) the school will cover the cost of the associated fees.

In the event of a student, or their parent, requesting an additional, or alternate, external assessment, the student, or their parent, is required to cover the cost for the associated fees.

School will seek to recover the fees if a student does not turn up for an external assessment without a satisfactory reason.

External candidates

An external candidate is a candidate who wishes to sit an examination but is not enrolled in the relevant course (does not attend classes) and is studying independently to obtain their qualification.

An external candidate requires a centre to submit their entry to an awarding body and to provide accommodation for any necessary examinations.

An external candidate is required to make a written request to the examinations officer for the examinations they wish to sit.

The school reserves the right not to accept a request from an external candidate.

External candidates must not create a financial or administrative burden for the school. Therefore, if the school decides to accept the request, the examination officer will generate a quote for the request, based on all the costs that will be incurred for providing the examination., these include:

  • Examination fees – these are costs set by the exam board
  • Invigilation fees – this is the cost to supervise the examination
  • Administration fees – this is a fee made by the school to cover administrative costs
  • Additional fees - these are any additional costs that the school will incur by providing the examination (e.g. late entry fees, courier or postal fees) and will be clearly stated.
  • Fees relating to access arrangements assessment and provision

The quote must be paid in full before any entries will be made.

Requests are rarely accepted if they relate to courses that we do not teach. This is due to the administrative burden and disruption they place upon the school.