Be Punctual

All students are expected to arrive at school by 8:35am so they are ready to attend registration tutorial at 8.40am

Students arriving late after 9.10am must sign in at the School Office on arrival and will receive a late mark.

In the case of persistent lateness parents will be invited to attend a meeting to discuss the issue.

Have 100% Attendance

All students should aim for 100% attendance in order to learn. Research shows that high attendance is reflected in better achievement.

If your child has to be absent for any medical reasons such as appointments, the School Office must be told in writing in advance either through the student planner (KS3), by letter or email to Please try to make all appointments outside of school hours.

Absence through illness must be reported to the School Office by telephoning on the first day. The absence line number is 01624 648800. If an absence is longer than one day this must be reported to the School Office by telephoning at the beginning of each day of absence unless a prolonged period of absence has already been communicated to the office. All absences must also be explained in a letter on return to school.

All students must report to the School Office to sign out if they have permission to leave the school site for any reason

  • 95% - 100% This is the expected attendance target level for all students.
    90% - 95% This level will trigger early action to establish and investigate the reasons for absence. Meetings are held in school with parents to discuss issues and develop strategies for improvement.
    Below 90% This is considered Persistent Absentee status. Cases are referred to School Attendance Officer to follow up.

The Attendance Officer is available should you wish to discuss any issues which may affect your son/daughter’s attendance. Alternatively, please contact your child’s tutor or Head of Year.

It is widely accepted that there is a strong link between regular attendance and levels of attainment whilst at school. We look forward therefore to further developing the effective relationships that have already been established between students, parents and the school to ensure that all students achieve their best.