Epraise is the way we recognise the hard work and dedication of our students.

Students are awarded merits, accolades or achievements by staff.

Merits are awarded for:

  • Achievement
  • Contribution to Class
  • Contribution to School Life
  • Effort
  • ELLI Dimensions
  • Improvement
  • Kindness
  • Independent Learning

Accolades can be awarded for anything worth more than one or two merits. This should be for an excellent example of any of the above merit categories, e.g. Excellent Effort on an extended home learning task, representation of a school sports team, help at Open Evenings etc.

Achievements are awarded by the school for achievements such 100% attendance, most merits in a week, or excellent behaviour

Year Group Points Totals

Other features of EPraise include:

  • A breakdown of what the points have been given for and what subjects they have been given in.
  • Access to your attendance information and timetable.
  • Access to the school rewards, including ‘the shop’ and ‘prize draws’
  • See the ‘Charitable Causes’ that you are able to donate your merits to.
  • For more information please see the student guide


Student Guide