Their first year at St. Ninian’s High School is complete. What a Year Group. We aim to include, challenge, motivate and reward each Term with a variety of opportunities to enable all students to gain a reward and some recognition. I look forward to seeing all students’ progress further in Year 8.

The final week we celebrated the successes and achievements of many more students in our Rewards assembly. Here is a summary:

Ready to Learn

141 of our Year 7s (66%) were rewarded for their exemplary behaviour throughout the Summer Term with an ice cream afternoon. To consistently meet our expectations in both classroom and social areas over a term with 0 (zero) behaviour points is an achievement we feel deserves recognition.

Alpha Group

9 new students joined the Year 7 Alpha Group for achieving an excellent average skill rating across all subjects which makes 53 students (25%) in total. Skills are recorded 1-3 in the following areas: Self-awareness, Emotional intelligence, Self-motivation and Learning Power.

Stand out performers

22 students ‘stood out’ when I requested nominations by subject staff for students who had really ‘stood out’ this Summer Term. They were invited to our KS3 Rewards Breakfast.


Our proud and well-deserved Sports Stars of Year 7 were Lois Coppell 7G and George Leece 7I. I am really proud of our Year Groups participation, determination, application and attitude to sport this year. We never give up.


Top Epraise achievers in Year 7 were rewarded as were the successful students from our Termly Prize Draw.

Tutees of the Year

Students who have embraced my ethos to Think Happy, Be Kind Always and Never Give Up were deservedly recognised and rewarded.

Student of the Year

Catrina McMurtrey from 7E was my ‘Student of the Year’ for buying into my ethos and ‘playing her PART’ every single day. Present and punctual with a positive attitude always. She has great respect for her school, teachers, peers, and herself. Catrina has tested herself and volunteered throughout the year. Such a kind, polite and modest young lady. Finally, Catrina was the leading Epraise achiever not only in Year 7 but across the whole of St. Ninian's with 964 points. She donated all 964 points to the Hospice Big Splash campaign within our charitable donations feature in Epraise.

The Big Splash

I must close with the £2610 my students have raised in support of Hospice Isle of Man. The initiative and community spirit they have is incredible and I am one very proud Head of Year.

Thank you to our parents/guardians for your continued support. We hope you enjoy a great Summer together.

Mr J. Cretney and the Year 7 Tutor Team.