George Dickinson in Year 13 has been selected by Project Trust to work in Guyana.

"I am very excited to have been selected for the placement in Guyana where I will be stationed at a rural school teaching sciences. In addition, I will be talking extra-curriculum activities such as coaching sports clubs.

In the year away I will be able to share my interest in science with the pupils and promote sport and exercise in the local community. I hope that through educating the pupils I will have a positive impact on their lives for years to come, giving them the basic skills and knowledge to progress through society to become valuable members of the community. The placement will also enhance my own skill set though the challenges that are sure to come from spending a year away from home. Having never left Europe, I am certain to experience a lifestyle and culture that will be totally different to anything that I have experienced before. Therefore I will gain a greater understanding of the world and an appreciation for everyday luxuries that we take for granted, such as wi-fi. The gap year will be an experience of a lifetime, living and working overseas.

I applied for Project Trust as I didn't really have an idea of which university to go to or what to do in the future. A gap year had always appealed to me, but I though that such a trip would be too difficult to plan and execute on my own e.g. where to go, how much money I would need, where would be safe to go, and numerous other factors. Project Trust allows me to spend a year away being productive (rather than just a holiday) but still gives me time to enjoy myself as well, whether this be travelling, exploring the rainforest or anything else. It will provide me with a structured gap year experience which is still beneficial on a CV and will give me greater global awareness.

I have currently raised around £2500 towards the gap year. In total I have to raise £6200 by the time I leave, which hasn't been confirmed yet but it should be August-September 2019. I have a fundraising page

I also have an easyfundraisng page that raises money from online shopping which, with no extra cost, takes a certain percentage of the transaction and gives it to my fund; this is only a small percentage but every little helps!

Instructions for the site are listed below:

1. Head to and join for free.

2. Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start shopping.

3. After you’ve checked out, that retailer will make a donation to your good cause for no extra cost whatsoever!

I am most looking forward to immersing myself in a completely different culture with the ability to have a positive influence on the community and to also enjoy the adventures that are sure to come with year overseas.


George Dickinson

P.S. I have been allowed to do a bag pack on the 14th of April in Shoprite, Chester Street Douglas as my next fundraising event."