I am incredibly proud of the impressive start Year 7 has made to high school. Their enthusiasm and positive attitude have set a remarkable tone, and I eagerly look forward to seeing their continued growth and success throughout the year. Here are some highlights from our end of term Rewards Assembly.

Ready to Learn

172 students (82%) were rewarded for displaying outstanding conduct during the Autumn term.

100% Attendance

33 students in the year group completed the first 15 weeks at high school without a single day off!

Prize Draws

Congratulations to Rosie and George who were successful in our Termly Epraise draw winning an Echo Show and wireless headphones, respectively.

Spanish linguists

French linguists



Many students who consistently arrive to lesson with the correct equipment were nominated and rewarded through a prize draw.

Sports Personalities

Top Tutor Group

7D were rewarded for topping both Epraise and conduct charts this term, enjoying pancakes with ice cream and hot chocolate with marshmallows.


I am grateful to the Friends of SNHS, who kindly provided a donation for us to reward students for non-academic reasons. Students, nominated by subject staff for acts of kindness, received an Echo Pop device.

Thank you, parents and carers, for your ongoing support. For more details on some of the rewards, please check your child's Tutor Group Google Classroom.

We hope you had a delightful Christmas and wish you al the best for a fantastic 2024!

Mr J Cretney

Head of Year 7