St. Ninian's students, Sophie Macdonald and Ellen Lewin, are planning an exciting trek across the Pyrenees Mountain Range next summer.

Sophie explained, "The police cadets will be doing a trek across the Pyrenees Mountain Range in the summer of 2020. They will be taking the Freedom Trail route across the Pyrenees Mountains. The Freedom Trail is a route many people, especially families, took during World War II to escape Hitler and the Nazis.

Shortly before World War II ended, a military bomber plane crashed into the slope of Lampaou Peak in the Pyrenees Mountains, all 7 crew members died, including a young Manx man called R.T Furley who was the flight engineer."

On the trip, Sophie and Ellen are going to take part in a small memorial at the military bomber crash site, as well as thinking about those who lost their lives on the journey. The trek will be in memory of those who lost their lives during the war, and on the way, they hope to learn important life lessons and skills, including teamwork.

If you would like to support this exciting venture, please find the details using the links below.


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