Drawing on their work in PSHE, Tutor Group 7H put together a creative assembly on the topic of ‘Animal Cruelty’. Tom was an excellent newsreader, giving us some of the latest headlines from around the world, reminding us how we play a key part in the animal kingdom. Nancy, Abi and Kacey took to the stage hosting an audience participation challenge to see which high street cosmetic brands were “animal friendly”. This was followed by a lovely piece of drama from Hollie, Halle, Yarden, Sinead, Sofia and Robyn on how to treat pets with respect. Finally, Elle, Archie and Oscar gave us some heart-warming stories on the lives of animals who have been rescued. The music was provided by Senna.

I am delighted to have a Tutor Group-led assembly to close our scheduled Year 7 assemblies. It is proud moment to end a successful year and just shows how the aspiration of our students has grown since September.

Many thanks and congratulations to Mr Lowey and all the students involved for playing their part.

Mr Cretney

Head of Year 7