Over the past 4 days, over 100 students have been orienteering through Archallagan plantation. Setting them a course of 18 markers to find through the forest, all the students worked in teams to find them all in the quickest time. The fastest group of students found all 18 markers in a time of 1:09 hours. All the students who took part were enthusiastic and enjoyed their time “getting lost” in the forest.

Students then walked through the forest to the park to have some lunch, where the they took time to find their 'inner child', den building, working their way around the balance beams and enjoying time in nature.

The afternoon was a lovely walk through the countryside to Crosby then along the railway line back to Marown school for a bus back to St. Ninian's.

Many thanks to all the staff who supported this venture throughout the week.

Mrs Aldridge