A party of 13 students and 3 staff visited York in July 2019

Day 1

Commenced with Mr Hopkins conducting a brief tour of the city with the objective of identifying the major landmarks so that the party would be able to navigate themselves through the city, unfortunately for the students, the route selected encompassed many of the snickleways of the city, to the extent that we were all lost.

There followed visits to Story of Chocolate, where our team proved they were not only adept at eating chocolate, but could also fashion a nifty chocolate lolly.

Some students then went to the Dungeon, and were justly convicted, imprisoned and otherwise made to suffer for their crimes.

We re-united in York Minsters, and were talked to about the glories of the Mother Church, which as a building is awe inspiring.

In the evening we had another tour of the city – this time with a slightly different theme as we went on the ghost walks

Day 2

More of the same visits to the dungeon, Chocolate Story and Jorvic, and in the afternoon the York Castle Museum, followed by dinner at Ask (our waiter was proud to tell us he trained at the former Port Erin Hotel school), then a brief yomp over the city walls, before some culture with a capital K.

We embarked on yet another journey to the Eye of York – where there was a performance of the Tempest. For many of us this was a first exposure to Shakespeare and amongst the surprises was that a number of the actors liked popcorn, especially when pinched from SNHS students.

Day 3

Began with the completion of visits to the dungeon (leeches under the breeches) the Chocolate Story and Jorvic, followed by the Sauropods and Romans in the Yorkshire Museum, where our year 10 boys' love of dressing up was given ample opportunity to blossom, and then finally and sadly to the train and a slightly bouncy Irish sea.

Many thanks to Mr Aldridge and Mrs Adams for helping to make a great trip even better.

Mr Hopkins