For World Book Day, staff and students at lower school were invited to dress up as a character from book on the day itself. We had some fantastic efforts such as Mrs Twit, Henry VIII, Goldilocks, a mad scientist and many more! Leading up to World Book Day, students at lower school were able to enter competitions such as designing the front cover and blurb of their own original story and making a social media post as a character from a book. We also had a Scavenger Hunt QR code quiz going on around the Lower School site. We had some fabulous entries and all students who took part in a competition received an accolade on ePraise. At upper school, tutors groups were challenged with a quiz of ‘Which teacher is hiding behind their book?’ and had opportunities to discuss what they liked about reading and explore the fantastic resources that can be found on the World Book Day website.

All in all, a fabulous day was had by all, staff and students alike.

Book cover competition:

1st Evie Colquitt (Y7)

2nd Tegan Thompson (Y7)

Dress up competition:

1st- Cameron Lucas (Y7)

2nd- Ellis Charles (Y8)

3rd- Mark Dimayuga (Y8)

Scavenger Hunt joint winners:

Alex Harris- Burland (Y7) and Sarah Harris (Y8)