On Wednesday 11th March, the much looked forward to Junior Achievement Competition Day took place at the Palace Hotel. This was the opportunity for the nine groups representing SNHS, to showcase their products and services that they had been researching and developing over the past several months.

Throughout the day, all nine groups were judged on their ability to deliver a presentation, answer questions in a panel interview, design a trade stand to sell their product, as well as completing a report that was submitted the previous month.

Some of the key stand out moments of the day were from the group, Elysian. Their presentation contained a rap all about bee welfare on the Isle of Man and their product aims to help look after the bees. The company, Jet, clearly put a lot of thought into their trade stand and how this would be an ideal opportunity to the sell their shampoo bar.

We now look forward to the Junior Achievement Awards Dinner, which takes place on Wednesday 18th March at the Villa Marina, where the eleven awards will be presented, including the illustrious ‘Student Company of the Year’ award; the winner of this goes to the European finals in Portugal.