Well done to all our students who took part in the SNHS Virtual Sports Week which took place between the 26th and 31st May. It was great to see so many unique and repeat entries across all year groups.

1st – Kermode, 143 points

2nd – Knox, 92 points

3rd – Isdale, 82 points

4th – Brennan, 63 points

As a School we managed to travel 1928.5 km, which is the equivalent to travelling to Warsaw, Poland! We were also active for over 144 hours.

Below are the students in each year group that contributed the most to their respective houses:

Year 7 – Chloe Schofield (7D)

Year 8 – Phoebe Adamson (8B)

Year 9 – Ryan Edwards (9E)

Year 10 – Hannah Halsall (10D) & Tyler Annis (10C)

Year 11 – Emma Smith (11D)

A great effort!

PE Department