Our Year 7 cohort have made an excellent start and adapted well to secondary school life at St. Ninian’s High School in what continues to be a challenging time. We celebrated the end of our Autumn Term with a rewards assembly before a well-deserved break for all. Our many and varied rewards are available to all students in each individual Term and I have challenged the students to recharge their batteries and ‘play their part’ ahead of the Spring Term rewards. Some areas rewarded this term include:

Maths Stars


Ready to Learn

152 of our Year 7’s (68%) were rewarded for their exemplary behaviour throughout the Autumn Term. To consistently meet our expectations in the classroom and social areas every day over a term is an achievement we feel deserves recognition!


Alpha Group

37 students (17%) achieved excellent average ratings across all subjects in their Interim 1 Report making them eligible for our Alpha Group. The ratings were recorded in the skill areas: Self-awareness, Emotional intelligence, Self-motivation and Learning Power.


Expert Learners

14 students achieved an excellent rating in the ‘Learning Power’ skill of their Autumn Report which is celebrated jointly with Year 8 and Year 9 students. (This reward will evolve to an ‘improvement’ reward significant to the Spring Report.)


100% Attendance

70 students (31%) achieved an impressive 100% attendance in the Autumn Term.



20 students received a pastel highlighter pack following a prize draw based on teacher nominations. A further two students won a wireless speaker and an Amazon Fire Stick from our termly Epraise prize draw.


Thank you to parents/guardians for your continued support and congratulations to our amazing Year 7 students on a successful Autumn Term.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Year 7 team.


Head of Year 7