As we enter lockdown for a second time here are a few reminders about home learning.

Children respond well to routine so, please try and encourage your child to stick to their school timetable.

Lessons will be delivered via Google Classroom. This is accessible on all devices at either or via the Google Classroom app.

At the start of each lesson your child's teacher will post a roll call in the Stream section of the Google Classroom and request that your child responds to it. This is like taking the register and it enables us to monitor which students are engaging with education.

The work for each lesson will be posted in the Assignments section of the Google Classroom with clear instructions on how to complete the work. Work might, but not always, include a screencast recording from your child's teacher explaining a new concept or idea then some individual work followed by a quiz or closing activity. Students should hand in any work at the end of each lesson

Teachers will mark and comment up on work regularly however, not all pieces of work will be marked, in fact teachers may provide students with a marksheet at the end of a lesson so that they can mark their own work.

In Google Classroom students have access to a calendar and a to do list feature. Each time an assignment is posted it is added to both of these features. Using the calendar and the to do list is a good way of keeping track of what work needs to be done.

If your child is in Y7, they have been taught how to use Google Classroom in their Core skills lessons and they will have been using it regularly throughout their time at SNHS. However, should they be experiencing problems please do not hesitate to ask their teacher or their form tutor during online lessons or during tutor time or you can contact school via our enquiries email address.

Below is a video showing you the basics of Google Classroom.

At the end of the academic year we also held a 'How to use Google Classroom' webinar for our Y6 parents, the recording of which can be found here