Last academic year and last term, our Sixth Formers had the great opportunity to write articles for a University magazine in either French or Spanish (both for our dual linguist). Lily Kneale, an ex-student from Ramsey Grammar School and now a first class graduate of Spanish with Tourism Management, currently studying for an MSC of International Marketing, came to talk to our students in January 2020 to promote writing for the World Wide Napier magazine from Edinburgh Napier University. World Wide Napier is a languages magazines showcasing the talent of languages students across Edinburgh and beyond as well as drawing attention to important current affairs and issues across Europe. The magazine is all in French, Spanish and German.

We were therefore thrilled that amongst all the 11 schools that participated, St. Ninian’s High School Spanish Yr 13 student Freya Baggesen-Cox’s article on Spanish cinema following the Franco era was selected as best high school student Spanish article of issue nº6 of World Wide Napier magazine. Why not read it here yourselves, and read other St. Ninian’s High School students’ articles from the latest issue too?

Our thanks also go to Mrs Jiménez Asencio Sheard for her careful guidance.

Lily says: "Being part of the management team and leading the PR and events team across my time with WorldWideNapier has done WONDERS for my personal development. It's allowed me to make professional connections across Scotland and back in the Isle of Man, it's given me insight into graphic design and the considerations needed when creating a magazine (turns out it's far more than "looks pretty, reads well"...), and has given me so much confidence for public speaking, making important decisions quickly, and being able to manage a team in a way that I would like, should I be on the team and not leading it. I'll be forever grateful to my fellow collabers for keeping it going during my entire uni career!” Well done to her and we thank her for including us in this great project.

The article can be shared directly from the World Wide Napier FB page: Napier

Sylvie Géal-Wilkes

Head of Modern Foreign Languages