Wow - what a week!

All of us at school are incredibly proud of the efforts and achievements of our Upper School students who have secured some amazing examination results this week. Whilst the grades they have achieved are impressive, we are most proud of the manner in which they have conducted themselves through an incredibly challenging two years. Their resilience and strength of character are to be commended and what is most wonderful is seeing how each of them have very clear ongoing positive pathways and know what their next steps are.

On Tuesday 10th August all of our Year 13 students received their results with 98% of those who applied to university having their place confirmed within the first two days. Others chose to take a place on a course at UCM or go straight into employment. The Sixth Form Team have been supporting students throughout the week and will continue to do so if further help is required.

On Thursday 12th August all of our Year 11 students received their GCSE and other Level 2 results. Of the 186 students in the Year group, two thirds will be returning to take up a place in our Sixth Form with the majority of the other third taking up a place on a course at UCM, with others taking up an apprenticeship.

Well done to you all - we wish you the very best of luck in the next chapter of your life.