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Exam series

Results day

Summer 2019 (GCSE/BTEC/SQA) Level 2 qualifications (UK based) - Thursday 22nd August 2019
Summer 2019 (Level 3) Level 3 qualifications - Thursday 15th August 2019
Summer 2019 (IGCSE) Level 2 qualifications (IGCSEs) - Date not yet issued
January 2019 (BTEC) Wednesday 13th March 2019
November 2018 (IGCSE) Thursday 17th January 2019 (IGCSE)
Summer 2018 (GCSE/BEC/SQA) Thursday 23rd August (GCSE)
Summer 2018 (Level 3)
Thursday 16th August (A/AS)
Summer 2018 (IGCSE) Tuesday 14th August 2018 (IGCSE)
January 2018 (BTEC)
Wednesday 14th March 2018
November 2017 (IGCSE)
Wednesday 17th January 2018 (IGCSE)


Results belong to a candidate. Therefore we do not issue results to other people (including parents or carers) unless specifically instructed to do so by a candidate.

If a candidate is unable to collect results on a results day the options are:

  • Make a written request for an authorised person to collect their results (photographic ID will be requested)
  • Request that results are emailed (this service is only available to school email addresses)
  • Provide a stamped, self addressed envelope for results to be posted
  • Collect results at future date

IGCSE results

IGCSE results are issued to students via the Cambridge International Online Results Portal. Students will received their log in details and passwords (which change for each exam series) by letter from school in advance of results day.

Advice and guidance

On January and March results days all staff are in school and available for candidates to discuss their results and any implications associated with their results.

On A/AS results day (summer) Senior Leaders and the Head of Sixth Form are available for advice and guidance throughout the day. For AS students, the team is available to explore options in continuing their academic studies into Year 13. For A Level students, the team will be on hand to support students in securing a place in higher education and to deal with any issues that may arise. We offer a drop-in session throughout the morning and appointments in the afternoon.

On IGCSE results day (summer) the school is open and will help with any issues accessing the Online Results Portal.

On GCSE results day (summer) a wide variety of staff, including Senior Leaders, the Head of Sixth Form and some subject staff/leaders are available for advice and guidance. The team is on hand support students in choosing their onward pathway; we offer a drop-in session throughout the morning and appointments in the afternoon. Advice and guidance may also be provided by the Careers Service and UCM, details of services will be advertised on the day.

During the summer you can drop into any of the outreach venues (see list below) to speak to a careers advisor about your next steps. Find out more at

Outreach venues for Summer 2019...

  • Ramsey Youth Centre - Tuesday 16:00 - 18:00
  • Peel Youth Centre - Monday 16:00 - 18:00
  • Castletown Youth Centre - Wednesday 14:00 - 16:00
  • Cafe Laare - Tuesday 12:00 - 14:00
  • UCM - Thursday 10:00 - 16:00

Post results services

Once candidates receive their results, if they believe there is an issue with the marking, there are a number of services that are available from exam boards, for example:

  • Clerical check
  • Review of marking
  • Access to scripts

Please speak with the exams officers to enquire as to the specific options available, costs, potential benefits, and potential risks of each option. There are strict guidelines and timeframes associated with each service.

March 2019