Year 7 are currently competing in their own version of Euro 2024! Each Tutor Group has been assigned a country, with all teams representing mixed genders. Students playing or spectating contribute £1 to support our chosen charity, the MSPCA. The group stages were completed after school on Wednesday, July 3rd, and we are now eagerly anticipating the semi-finals and final on Wednesday, July 10th, on our Lower School astro pitch.

The event has a real feel-good factor, showcasing fantastic competitiveness, teamwork, and community spirit. A huge thank you to Mr. Smith for organising this wonderful fundraising event. Special thanks to the students of 7D and 7E for collecting funds, managing team sheets, and providing refreshments on the day. We look forward to seeing which teams will make it to next week's finals!

Please feel free to come along and enjoy the games straight after school

Semi Final 1 Ukraine 7H vs Scotland 7A/B

Semi Final 2 Denmark 7D vs Italy 7I

Mr J. Cretney

Head of Year 7 | Teacher of Computing