Last year activities week was a great success and this year we are proud to be bringing it back bigger and better in 2019.

All the activities are detailed in the brochure below. When selecting the activities, you wish to partake in, please make sure all of your choices are something you want to do. You may be very lucky and get every choice you want, but due to the number of spaces available you may be offered your reserve choices for 1 or more option, so these need to be thought through as carefully as your first two.

Another new thing this year is that you can use your E-praise points to buy a 'Fast Pass' for one activity to secure your place on it - details of how to do this are included in the brochure so please read it carefully.

This year we will be collecting your option choices in via a Google Form, the link can be found below. Ensure you read carefully through the Brochure before completing the form as it can only be filled in once! When completing your google form, the options are in order of preference, to make sure you think about which activities you want to do the most and we will try our best to give you your most desired options.


Then follow the link below to complete your chosen Activities Week options: