The Human Library is a concept which originated in Denmark and has now developed worldwide. Their mission is to ‘create a safe space for dialogue where topics are discussed openly between human books and their readers.’

We have adapted it here at St. Ninian’s and our 'Library of Humans' have enabled Year 11 students to meet with Sixth Formers to draw on their experiences of study skills and the transition into Sixth Form.

All year 11 students chose three sessions to opt into and met in groups to discuss key topics.

Students were able to discuss:

  • The Bridging Programme
  • Exam Preparation
  • High Academic Achievement
  • Organisation
  • Inclusion and support available
  • Prefects and Committees
  • A level mindset

A huge thank you to our Sixth Form students for being so willing to share their experiences and for the effort and thought that went into into their library setups; they were inspirational!