The Curiosity Cabinet can be found just outside the Core Skills office in Lower School.

Every two weeks the item in the cabinet changes. Students are asked to look in the cabinet and 'See, think, wonder' about the item there. The students can then take a postcard, fill it in and put it into the post box.

We have been amazed at some of the incredibly deep responses we have had. For the ‘can of Manx air', the question was “What would you put in the can?”

Some of the responses were:

  • Lavender baby bath. It reminds me of my baby sister when she gets out of the bath.
  • Manx sea mist. The god Manannan makes a cloak of mist to protect us. Having this will keep us safe.
  • Worries and stresses. I would place the can by my bed. As I slept all my stresses would be gathered and locked away.
  • A clock. The clock is ticking. It reminds me that I need to make my mark on Earth during my lifetime.
  • Unkind acts. Any I have committed would go in the can so I won’t do them again.

Each week students are awarded epraise points for their ideas and the most ‘curious’ students were awarded certificates at the end of the half-term

We would like to thank Davidson’s for their sponsorship of ice cream vouchers for the two students whose names are drawn out at random.


Year 7 Chloe Schofield and Klaudia Zwoliska

Year 8 Amber Dobson, Minatella Osmanand Cynara Westcott.