Dear Parents/Carers,

As from Tuesday morning, our school is closed to most students and we are only offering a reduced provision for those identified vulnerable students and the children of keyworkers who are not able to safely keep their children at home. All other students will remain at home and should access their learning through their Google Classroom account. Over the coming days we will issue more guidance on this.

Thank you to those parents that have responded to my email requesting for their children to be able to continue accessing school in the coming weeks as they are a key worker on the island. If you did not receive my email or have not yet responded to it and do want your child to still come to school, please send a message to stating the name, tutor and Year group of your child, how you qualify as a key worker and what days you would want them to attend school.

Please be advised that our Lower School site is closed to students completely. Our reduced student provision will operate exclusively out of our Upper School site. Those students from all year groups still attending school should arrive at Upper School at 8.30am. If Year 7, 8 & 9 students are not able to get to Upper School there will be a minibus departing from Lower School Bus Turnaround at 8.30am to transport them to the Upper School site.

The school and the structure of the day will be organised in a way to minimise opportunities for transmission and interaction between large numbers of children and staff.

Children do not need to wear school uniform. They should however wear practical, comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for both indoors and out.

Children and parents must enter and leave the site in a timely fashion – they will not be able to stay to talk or play with others.

There will be a designated isolation room which will be used if any child becomes unwell. Under these circumstances, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child as soon as possible together with any siblings.

All meals and snacks will be eaten in the canteen area.

Children will have time outside but this will be timetabled so that social interaction only takes place in a controlled manner.

Please can children bring their own reading books from home to save communal use of the school books.

Hours and daily timings.

The school will be open from 8.30am until 3.30pm every weekday.

If a parent’s working shift starts after the start of the school day, or finishes before the end, then you are able to collect drop off and collect your child at these times.


There will be a skeleton office staff who will collate daily registers and bookings. They will be available to make phone calls home in case a child becomes unwell. In the case of an urgent, serious need to speak to a member of the office staff, then only one parent/carer will be allowed in the office at a time and the 2metre rule must be abided by.


School catering will continue with lunch served in the canteen. The meals will be broadly in line with the usual menu, but this has been adapted for ease of preparation if we are short staffed and in being mindful of supplies.

If you have any queries or concerns please contact me via our 'contact' page on the website.

Kindest regards,

Mr. Coole