Dear Parents/Carers,

Home Learning

Thank you to those of you who are following government advice and minimising social contact by keeping your children safe at home.

“Home Learning” is our approach to maintain learning during this difficult period. It is based on our primary objective of keeping young minds and bodies as healthy as possible.

The challenges that young people, families and schools face when making rapid changes to the education system are significant. However we are confident that, not only will we overcome those challenges, but they will be a catalyst for change that will bring about lasting improvement.

The initial phase of Home Learning is about establishing and maintaining simple routines, ensuring lines of communication are in place and alleviating as much anxiety as possible. Please find a very simple guidance sheet for you to help your child with their home learning: PARENTAL ADVICE ON HOME LEARNING

With this in mind teaching staff have been setting up Google Classrooms for all subjects and tutorial sessions. Many teachers were already using Google Classrooms so most students will be familiar with this platform. Our Google classrooms are the vehicle for students and teachers to communicate with each other. Teachers will maintain their timetable. They will be online and available for students during their regular lesson times.

At the start of each tutorial session and lesson teachers will hold a “roll call” where possible. This is a simple, welcoming message to which students will reply. The teacher will then outline the learning activities to be completed.

Learning activities will vary across subjects. We are aiming to create fun, engaging and stimulating experiences that take place offline as much as possible. Students are encouraged to manage their own time and do not have to stick to their timetable, but their teacher will always be there for them, online during their usual timetabled lesson time for feedback and guidance, or just to say hi.

Please note teachers are only available to students during the timetabled lesson as they have many classes and students to help and support. Where a teacher is unavailable due to illness the subject area will endeavour to provide work and support for that class.

If parents/carers need to contact teachers, pastoral leaders, subject leaders or members of the senior leadership team please do so via

Over the next few days and weeks I will send further updates relating to Home Learning and will seek your views on how successful we are being and what improvements we can make.

Kind regards,

Tony Smith

Deputy Head Teacher