During the enforced closure the school site is closed to all students with the exception of those who are authorised and have pre-arranged to attend. ( in this case, vulnerable students and children of key workers).

Parents who wish for their children to attend school during an enforced closure should contact the school via snhsenquiries@sch.im to make the necessary arrangements, giving as much notice as possible. Please avoid sending your child in to school if you have not made contact with us, as it is important for us to ensure that we have enough workstations and staff available each day. We would be grateful if parents could also advise us of any specific dietary requirements their children may have so that we can ensure we have appropriate provision in the canteen.

In the interests of safety and hygiene students are required to

Wear freshly washed clothes each day (a specific uniform is not required)

Bring their own basic learning equipment (pens, pencils, coloured pencils, ruler, eraser, calculator, etc). They can bring in their own electronic devices if they wish.

Wash their hands at the start of the day, regularly during the day and before they leave.

Ensure that they keep to the rules around social distancing whilst in school.

Remain on site during the school day.

The start of day:

The site will be open to students from 8:30am

Students can be dropped off at the rear carpark (please enter from Somerset road, leave on Bray hill). Please avoid the main entrance at the front of the building.

Students enter the building from the rear, through the blue gates between the Progress Zone and sports hall.

Students should wash their hands thoroughly using the washrooms near the progress Zone entrance.

Students should report, by 8:40, to their “home room” which will be their base for the duration of their day.


Learning activities will be those set by teachers and posted in online classrooms.

Students will be provided with access to a computer or iPad (if required) so that they can access their online classrooms.

Students will be expected to complete their learning “as if they were at home”, i.e. with limited help.

Those students who have additional educational needs will receive support from Progress Zone staff.

The school day

Students in school will have regular breaks during the day and encouraged to be “offline”.

During breaks and unstructured time, students are encouraged to use outside spaces and/or the canteen but must remain on site.

Food will be available for those in school from the school canteen at break time and at lunch time. Those students entitled to free school meals with receive their usual daily allowance.

Students are welcome to bring in their own food and snacks if they prefer.

The end of day:

Students will leave the building via the rear entrance and can be collected by parents in the rear car park (entrance via Somerset Road and exit via Bray Hill)

The site will be closed to all students at 3:40pm