Over the past few weeks, Year 11 students studying IGCSE Business Studies have been working in teams to create a business plan to save the failing window cleaning business, Nearly Clean. Some of the problems faced by the business were a lack of marketing, competition from a new window cleaning business and the fact that the owner, Bernard, liked to play golf on a Friday rather than cleaning windows!

In lessons this week, students have been presenting to, and interviewed by, a panel of judges to find out which teams have the best ideas to save the business. This involved creating new marketing plans and forecasting the finances of the business if changes were made. The winning groups would receive a Government grant to save the business.

Congratulations to all students who took part. The winners from each class were:

11W – Hannah, James, Monty, Calum

10X – Agata, Dominic, Lucy

10Y – Nicole, Amy, Rebecca, Caitlin

10Z – Ben, Alise, Jack, Holly