Well, after the glorious sunshine of Monday, we returned to a downpour of rain on Tuesday; it wasn’t the start to the day we wanted. A couple of ‘heavy knocks’ on doors as students were woken for the prompt 7:30am breakfast. It seems that some students decided the best course action is a 7:00am gym/swimming session, so they joined a little later.

After munching through some breakfast, students collected packed lunches for the day and headed to coaches for an 8:45am departure. Although the motorway proved to be slow due to the weather, but we got through on time and arrived safely at Lancaster, where we were greeted by Henry and the Student Ambassadors. After a quick intro, we headed for one of the swish lecture theatres at Fylde College for a talk on “preparing for HE” and “why choose Lancaster University?”. The talk was thought provoking, as students were quizzed by our hosts, and there was opportunity to ask questions such as “is Lancaster safe?” and “is it easy to secure a part-time job?”. Students moved swiftly onto a campus tour, looking at the different facilities the university has to offer and the different types of accommodation. Our hosts were excellent and it was another great start to the day.

Once we departed Lancaster (waterproofs drying off), we headed down the motorway to Chester, again, although slow we arrived on time to meet Sean. After a quick intro, we went straight onto an independent campus tour via an interactive quiz, taking an opportunity to look around the University in our friendship groups and seeing what it has to offer, before heading back to ask some final questions and look at the results of the quiz.

Then it was shopping time! Although the motorway was slow as we got closer to Manchester, we eventually arrived at the Trafford Centre and the students headed off for their much needed shopping experience.

Another great day despite the wet weather and we are really looking forward to Wednesday’s itinerary.

Mr S