On 3rd and 4th July the Languages Department were delighted to welcome Sascha, Senior Teaching Associate in the Department of Languages and Cultures at Lancaster University, who came to talk to our Year 7 to Year 10 students about the prospects and skills offered by the study of languages. Sascha talked about the range of degrees that can be chosen from UK Universities where a language can be studied combined with other subjects or as a single option, taken up ab initio or continued from GCSE or A level study and the wide range of careers that Language graduates can get into. Congratulations to all our students for engaging so well, especially those as young as 12 who may not know at this stage the career path they will choose, but are remaining open to all ideas.

We are convinced that this first contact with the world of Higher Education for some of our students will have created curiosity and interest.

Thank you Sascha.

Mrs Geal-Wilkes