Students at Lower School have continued with their 'Word of the Week'. Tutors introduce a new word each week during tutorial. Each word also has the Spanish and French equivalent.

They even had the Welsh words for Happy Christmas – Nadolig Llawen! Epraise points are available for students who use the words in their lessons.

Featured words for this half-term have been: Hygge, Serendipity, Enigma, Mnemonic, Erudite, Camaraderie and Nollick Ghennal.

The tutor groups are then challenged to answer questions linked to that particular word - how well can you do at home?


Name 5 things that you can do to be Hyggeligt?

Which danish goalkeeper plays for a Premier League club?


Serendipity paid a visit to Alexander Fleming. What happened?


What was the enigma machine?


How many Mnemonics do you know? List them?

Can you think of a mnemonic to help you remember the Elli Dimensions?


In which film series does Erudite rule?

Nollick Ghennal

Christmas traditions. How many can you name?