The Alpha Group

So far this year there has been a really positive engagement with student’s attitude to learning with 25 students who were appointed to prestigious Alpha Group receiving their badges this week. As an additional reward for these students, they will receive a KitKat at break on the last day of term.

Head of Year Awards

The highest scoring students in the “attitude to learning” category of rewards celebrated on Wednesday morning with a breakfast of Belgian waffles, ice cream and hot chocolate with the Heads of Year in the canteen

For the next term this reward will be given to the students with the most improved attitude to learning. This allows us to include different groups of students.

Ready to Learn Rewards

A two fold reward here for our students who show consistently exemplary behaviour, over the course of this term. Close to 50% of our year 9 students did not receive any sanctions and so were rewarded with an additional dress down day and a Christmas selection box.

Honorable Mentions

Students are now able to donate some of the ePraise points that they acquire for a range of good learning behaviour to the schools chosen charities of the year. Three of our Year 9 students have immediately chosen to donate all of their ePraise points to charity.

Well done Year 9 for such a positive start!

Mr G Young

Head of Year 9