Year 7 Autumn Term

We are delighted with the start our Year 7 cohort have made at St. Ninian’s High School. A particular highlight so far is the sheer enthusiasm and willingness to ‘play their part’ for the school academically, in sport and in the arts, which makes us enormously proud. We celebrated the end of our Autumn Term with a rewards assembly before a well-deserved break for all. Our many and varied rewards are available to all students in each individual term and I challenge the students to recharge and ‘play their part’ in the Spring Term rewards.

Ready to Learn

122 of our Year 7’s (69%) were rewarded for their exemplary behaviour throughout the Autumn Term. To consistently meet our expectations in the classroom and social areas every day over a term is an achievement we feel deserves recognition!


Alpha Group

42 students (24%) achieved excellent ‘Attitude to Learning’ comments across all subjects for their Autumn Report making them eligible for our Alpha Group.


100% Attendance

24 students (14%) achieved an impressive 100% attendance in the Autumn Term.


Expert Learners

12 students (7%) achieved 10+ ‘Expert’ Learners in their Autumn Report which was celebrated jointly with Year 8 and Year 9 students. (This reward will evolve to an ‘improvement’ reward significant to the Spring Report.)



Thank you to parents/guardians for your continued support and congratulations to our amazing Year 7 students on a successful first term.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Year 7 team.

Mr J Cretney

Head of Year 7