Students have been involved in three different Curiosity Cabinet competitions this term. They have had to use their Critical Curiosity, Creativity and Meaning Making skills to complete their entries, being tasked to 'see, think and wonder' what each of the items were.

The three sets of objects in the cabinet have been:

Viz air mask - Students had to decide what it might be and how it might be used.

Viking artefacts - These included coins worn as a necklace, a Viking drinking horn and a heart shaped stone.

An old ornate treasure box - Students had to consider what was inside the box and draw their ideas on a postcard

All students who took part in the competition were given a ticket to the epraise prize draw. The three winning students were from Year 7: Emma Callow, Alex Conway and Jack Shimmin.

The vouchers were donated by Calvin Fayle from 'The Shred House' which is an indoor Skatepark in Tromode.

We are very grateful to Calvin for donating such a wonderful set of prizes and were pleased to welcome him to the Year 7 rewards assembly this week to award the vouchers and a T shirt to each winner.

The Shred House

A professional video has been created by Aaron Fitzmaurice - a former St Ninian’s student who is now working at Greenlight TV.

The Shred House Video