Congratulations to the Year 8 students representing St. Ninian’s in the public speaking competition last night. Hannah Kermode, Jason Miranda and Tyler Kneale came second out of the five schools competing. Jason, as Chairperson, gave a confident introduction to Hannah’s speech and guided the team through the proceedings competently. Hannah gave a six minute speech entitled ‘Keeping Connected’ which looked at how communication has developed over the last couple of centuries and what she thinks about how we connect nowadays. She gave a well-considered answer to a difficult question from the judges which showed her ability to think on her feet. The proceedings were wrapped up with Tyler’s Vote of Thanks; he too gave an unrehearsed comment on Hannah’s answering of the question and summed up Hannah’s speech, commenting upon the key points which she had made.

The judges were particularly impressed by their excellent teamwork and confidence, and the humour used by all three members of the team was also appreciated.

It was an excellent night – well done to all three of the students.