There is a wide variety of optional activities on offer at St. Ninian’s High School. A programme of the activities on offer, along with the year group and time of year they run, can be found in the Community area of the EPraise app. This is where students sign up to the activities that they would like to be involved with.

Our optional activity opportunities broadly fall into one of the following categories:

Subject Specialist Support:

Opportunities to work on subject specific tasks with the support a subject teacher. These sessions can be used for the completion of independent learning, revision, practicing subject specific skills and/or catching up on any missed classwork. In some cases staff may set a particular knowledge or skills focus for the session. For example: Business Education Subject Support runs every Thursday at 1300 in BE1.

Sporting Activities:

Opportunities to be involved in one of the training and practice sessions run for specific sports. These are likely to be split between Senior and Junior sessions. There are also opportunities to use our bespoke fitness suits on both the Lower and Upper school sites. For example Senior Rugby Practice Monday 1540.


Opportunities to get involved with a variety of extra-curricula interests. These clubs span across Choir and Band Practice to Chess Club and Dungeons & Dragons. Our Extra-Curricular Activities usually include a range of Year Groups and are therefore a great way to meet new people with similar interests.

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