The primary aims of our Progress Zones are to reduce barriers to learning for all students, and to deliver high class teaching programmes and interventions within the Progress Zone environment in order to meet individual student needs. The Progress Zone has been identified as a “significant strength” of the school. Students are valued and supported. All students are welcome in the Progress Zone and there is ‘no stigma attached’ to receiving support.

At any one time there are approximately 250 students on the Special Educational Needs (SEN) register. Their support comes from a cohesive ethos of whole-school inclusion, managed through 3 distinct Progress Zones (PZ), and a large team of dedicated teaching and support staff in mainstream lessons. The SENCo coordinates this provision through line management of support for students with:

• Communication and interaction;

• Cognition and learning;

• Social, emotional and mental health;

• Sensory and/or physical needs;

• Behaviour, emotional and social difficulties

• English as an additional language