• Grammar revisions from Year 7 (present tense-ER verbs)
  • Reflexive verbs – daily routine.
  • Likes/dislikes
  • kit de survie
  • Items in pencil case
  • family
  • describing myself and others (adjectives)

Write about your daily routine.

  • Clothing (adjectives agreements / colours)
  • Clothing
  • Perfect tense
  • A day trip in the past tense
  • Close future
  • Verb aller in the present tense
  • Nationalities
  • Understand country names
  • Understand holiday locations
  • Understand holiday activities
  • Understand a detailed passage about where someone goes on
  • holidays, what he does and where he went last year.

Make a poster on fashion / fashion show.

Holidays project using various tenses.

Write a presentation on what own family does on holiday, and where they went last year.


Food and drink

  • Quantities
  • Make dialogue in a shop.
  • Revisions of numbers.
Role play.

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Year 8

The Year 8 curriculum continues to build students' skills, knowledge and understanding. Students go deeper into subject areas and the content becomes more demanding. Students continue to think about how they learn, along side what they are learning.

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