AUTUMN Novel study ("The Woman in Black" or "Of Mice and Men" or "Stone Cold")

Students will work on

  • understanding text and writers’ ideas, techniques and viewpoint
  • social, cultural and historical understanding of text
  • genre work
  • narrative structure and perspective
  • theme work
  • comprehension
  • summarising skills

Analysis work of language and structure focusing on character and setting; writing for different genres and purposes (IGCSE link).

Speaking and listening opportunities including P4C, debate, discussion.

SPRING Poetry from Other Cultures

Students will work on

  • inference and analytical skills;
  • social, cultural and historical understanding of poems;
  • poetry writing.
Shakespeare (Macbeth)

students will work on

  • analytical writing,
  • think about historical context, character and
  • creative writing and
  • practise IGCSE summary writing skills.

Analytical writing skills, empathy writing in character, writing in different forms.

Speaking and listening opportunities such as P4C, hot-seating, discussion and presentations.


Creative Writing – beginning of GCSE exam course

Students will focus on descriptive and narrative writing skills:

  • sentence work
  • vocabulary work
  • writing for senses
  • effective openings and endings for narrative writing

Writing assessments only: a variety of different styles from different stimuli.

Year 9 exam - Cambridge Progression Test

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Year 9

In Year 9 students make choices as to the subjects they study in key stage 4 (Years 10 and 11). Therefore the skills, knowledge and understanding that is required is much closer to that of key stage 4, to help students consider if a subject is "for them"…

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