Unit 1 – CSI LONDON – Who killed these women?

  • What problems did 19th Century London face?

Unit 2 – Did the Empire make Britain Great?

  • Race for the Empire. How tobacco, sugar & tea gripped the world.
  • How great was the British Empire? What put the Great into Great Britain? Who benefited from the British Empire? (Australia, America & India)
  • Was the Empire good for everyone?

Unit 3 – Children in the mills

  • What was life like for children working in the mills?
  • Child Punishments
  • Robert Owen – was life all bad for children in the mills?
  • Reform.

Unit 4 – The Shocking slave trade

  • What was the Slave trade?
  • The Middle Passage
  • Slave auctions
  • Life on a plantation
  • Slave Punishments
  • How large a role did the Isle of Man play as part of the Slave Trade?
  • Slavery abolition and reform.

Unit 3 – Children in the Mills Assessment – “Children in the mills did more harm than good”

Skills; Enquiry based, Knowledge, developing explanation and judgement skills.

Unit 4 – Slavery assessment

Skills: Knowledge recall, Source analysis


Unit 5 War & Warfare: First World War

  • Why did the Great War break out?
  • The Tommie’s experience of WWI-
  • Propaganda
  • Recruitment
  • Life in the Trenches
  • The Somme
  • General Haig – Butcher or Hero of the Somme?
  • Why not a war to end all wars? Peace
Unit 5 Assessment: Which source is most useful in understanding why General Haig was known as “The Butcher”?

Skills: Interpretation, Judgement skills, understanding evidence

Unit 6 – interwar years/ WWII and Holocaust

  • Treaty of Versailles
  • League of nations
  • Road to war
  • Communism Vs Capitalism
  • Dunkirk
  • Isle of Man role in WWII
  • Holocaust
  • Atomic bomb

Unit 6 – Dunkirk - Was Dunkirk a triumph or defeat?

Skills: Cause and consequence. Interpretation, understanding evidence.

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